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How a Septic Tank works

All the waste from your home flows into your Septic tank i e ;- toilets, sinks, showers, vanities etc ......

Your septic system is a living ecosystem where bacteria do the work of digesting & treating your waste.

There are 3 stages the sewage & waste water goes through depending on the brand & type of secondary sewage treatment septic tank you may have.

Stage 1. Solids or sludge falls to the bottom of the tank. Anaerobic bacteria will break down the solids, the waste from this will rise to the top creating a crust layer or scum layer.

Stage 2. Very dirty or grey water flows through to an aerobic chamber. This goes through a Bio filter to keep back the larger particles. Then you have a air blower that feeds the aerobic bacteria oxygen to break down the fine particles or suspended solids & nitrates etc ...

Stage 3. The cleaner water flows through another filter and rests in a smaller chamber. This is where any fine particles will settle at the bottom of the chamber and the water which by now should be clear. This then drops into the 4th chamber which contains a submersible pump which pumps the cleaner water out into a dripper field.

The dripper field can either be approx 250mm deep into the ground or above the ground in gardens. When the cleaner water is pumped out to the dripper field there are 3 forms of absorption.

  1. Soakage into the ground
  2. Transpiration eg. Plants absorbing water
  3. Evaporation from sunlight and air circulation